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Internationalization and competition in the North American shot blast machine market

The North American shot blast machine market is highly competitive and rapidly changing.

A shot blast machine is used for cleaning, strengthening and polishing metal. It is used in all industrial sectors that process and handle metal, including the following:

  • automotive
  • aerospace
  • naval
  • railway
  • foundry

US and Canadian shot blast machines markets comprise local, regional and international manufacturers and suppliers. Sector analysts predict that market competition will increase in the near future due to ever-growing technological innovation and to mergers and takeovers of industries in the sector.

Moreover, many local and regional suppliers offer products designed for very specific applications, for different types of end users. New companies emerging in this market find it hard to compete with international suppliers, who, in their respective catalogues, excel in terms of quality, reliability and technological innovation. According to experts, this trend is also affecting markets in Europe, China, Japan, India and South-East Asia.

With 25 years of experience in the sector, Turbotecnica Engineering S.p.A. is a successful Italian company with a production centre in Ohio, USA. Turbotecnica is firmly established in the international and North American industrial shot blast machines sector.

Looking to the past to create the future” is the management motto of Turbotecnica Engineering, which, over the years, has developed to design and manufacture standard shot blast machines and tailor-made special shot blast systems to meet the production needs of target industrial sectors and the specific requirements of individual customers.

In particular, Turbotecnica Engineering is specialised in designing and manufacturing:

  • sand blasting chambers
  • suspended load shot blast machines
  • tumble belt and rotary table shot blast machines
  • belt conveyor and roller conveyor shot blast machines
  • compressed air sandblasters
  • special systems and filter systems

This technology can be applied to the following fields: automotive, foundries and steelworks, and the processing of cylinders, tanks, pipes, drawn metal products, marble, granite, sheet metal and composite carpentry.

The automatic management of production processes, which has reduced human intervention to supervision alone, has been critical in order to increase Turbotecnica Engineering's productivity and the manufacture of finished pieces ready for the assembly line, especially in the foundry and die-casting sectors. The advanced software control system employed ensures ongoing production even in the presence of a malfunctioning system.