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How to reclaim your backyard this summer

Rid your yard of pesky mosquitos in just minutes
Alex Milne mosquito

At this point in the year, we’re all maximizing the amount of time we spend outdoors, making the most of an all-too-short season and squeezing what we can out of summer. 

One of the very few things that can drive us inside—aside from the rain—is bugs. Once those pesky mosquitos descend, it’s game over for our cherished outdoor time.

While there’s not much that can be done to control the weather, there is a product that can actually allow you to reclaim your backyard from mosquitos. It’s an eco-friendly spray that was created right here in Ontario by Bill Milne, a Canadian Mechanical Technology graduate (1963). 

Milne knows that mosquitos are more than mere pests; they can carry more diseases than any other insects. He set his mind to creating an eco-friendly mosquito repellent, one that would be instantly effective. He wanted it to be able to be easily used in any outdoor application, anywhere in the world.

Of course, products to combats mosquitos have been available for years on store shelves. The problem is that they are toxic to pets, children and adults, flowers and gardens. 

Milne developed MOSQUITO-Less in 2004. It meets all Health Canada and USA FDA and state requirements and has already been used by almost 100,000 Canadians. One of the main ingredients is garlic oil—mosquitos can be up to 10,000 times more sensitive to it than humans are. They will leave a backyard or cottage area that has been sprayed with garlic oil within minutes.


The product is easy to apply. Successful treatment relies on creating a three-dimensional area, so it’s recommended that you spray your patio, lawn, outdoor furniture, grass, garden, flowers, hedges, trees, pool deck, fences and walls—basically any surface that is available. You can treat up to 3,000 sq. ft. of surface area (1/10 acre) with just one 900 ml bottle; it takes about 10 minutes to apply and the results will last for weeks.

You will definitely notice a strong garlic scent for at least three to four hours after application, but the smell dissipates gradually. You’ll no longer notice it, but because mosquitos are so sensitive to it, they know it is there and will stay away. Your plants and vegetation will not be affected as it contains zero chemicals or poisons.

The repellent is water-based and contains food-grade garlic oil; it is even available with a convenient hose-end sprayer, which attaches directly to your garden hose for easy application in just minutes. It effectively controls mosquitos in popular outdoor areas such as pools, gardens, cottages, outdoor events, parks, RV parks and marinas.

The product was put through three years of testing and was determined to be safe for other more welcome insects, such as bees. It adheres well to many surfaces, including foliage, and does not seem to be affected by wet weather. Many professional lawn and garden groups use the spray and have found great success with it. 

Imaging enjoying a mosquito-free summer! This innovative, proudly Canadian-made product is available for purchase at Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, Costco and many local nurseries.

Milne’s company has created several successful natural, eco-friendly products for the Canadian marketplace over the years. For more information, visit Alex Milne Associates or call 905-761-5945.