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High tech satellite devices protecting people and equipment

SPOT communication devices deliver connectivity beyond cellular coverage
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Advances in technology happen every day, but they don’t always have practical applications for everyday use by consumers. That’s not a problem for the SPOT family of innovative satellite communications devices, which utilize satellite technology to keep businesses, individuals – and equipment – connected and accounted for.  

“The SPOT line of products has appeal to a retail segment, but also has applications in the business environment,” said Greg Crosby, Regional Sales Manager at Globalstar Canada Satellite Co., the company that provides SPOT products across Canada utilizing its low orbit satellite network. “If you’re thinking of a forestry company, a mining company, or back road construction, satellite communications are good for that kind of customer to help them stay connected and safe. But there are also anti-theft applications that can be used to track equipment, things like trailers, generators, machinery that are often left unattended in remote areas.” 
Amongst the product line offered by SPOT are three unique devices that can be used by industry to help keep workers and assets safe. For example, the SPOT X provides two-way satellite messaging when users are off the grid or beyond reliable cellular coverage. Send and receive updates via text no matter where you are working. The SPOT Gen4, on the other hand, is a one-way satellite GPS messenger device that lets, employers and colleagues know users are okay. Finally, the SPOT Trace is a satellite tracking device that offers advanced tracking and movement notification for valuable assets. 

The SPOT X and Gen4 devices also come with an SOS button. When the SOS is pressed, both devices transmit the user’s GPS coordinates to a response centre that operates 24/7. For the remote worker in some off-the-grid location, the SOS feature provides an added level of security, ensuring companies are helping to comply with workplace safety regulations. 

For industrial purposes, the Trace can be used for tracking things like construction equipment or flatbeds full of cargo often sitting unattended in remote locations. The device is instantly activated the moment motion is detected. Lumber companies with contracted employees working in remote locations, for example, put the Trace to use tracking loads headed to the mill. 

Crosby says. “When Trace detects movement, it sends the owner a text or email and automatically starts uploading way points to a mapping website that lets you know where your things are and in turn, can be located by authorities.”

Great Holiday Gift

Its also a great holiday gift idea for the outdoors-person on your list. Spot devices are perfect to take along for a winter hike, snowmobiling or in those warmer months, a lone paddle through Algonquin Park. Added peace of mind for the user and for the user’s family and friends. Or use the Trace to put on your quad, a boat trailer or a snowmobile trailer, if someone’s stealing it and it’s moving, you’re going to be notified. 

No matter if you are purchasing for your business needs or to keep a loved one safe, the holiday season is an excellent time to buy because prices are discounted as part of a seasonal promotion.

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