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Chuck Lilly, a Chartered Accountant with SRWC Chartered Professional Accountants LLP balances professional excellence with community bonds

Chuck Lilly embraces family, friendships and community service in Sudbury

Chuck Lilly began his professional accounting career in 1982 at the largest public accounting firm in Toronto. He was ambitious, had promising career prospects, and he was doing well. Two years later, Andy Sostarich joined the Toronto firm, and with both young men being from Sudbury, they bonded quickly. For 8 years, Lilly thrived in the fast-paced environment of Toronto’s financial sector, honing his skills as a chartered accountant, working exclusively with business clients.

Sostarich returned to Sudbury, to join his father Nick Sostarich, one of the founding members of SRWC LLP Chartered Professional Accountants. When Andy Sostarich approached Lilly to consider joining SRWC LLP in Sudbury Lilly didn’t have to think twice. Lilly says, “Andy saw the need for additional help and contacted me to see if I was interested in returning to Sudbury. My wife Cloe and I had a one-year-old son. We both had parents living in Sudbury and we wanted our children to know their grandparents.” Sudbury offered Lilly a connection to family, friends, and a sense of community.

Chuck Lilly’s children have now established careers of their own. His son Evan is a medical physician in Sarnia, while his daughter Kendra works in the investment field in Sudbury. Kendra is an avid curler and a member of the curling team that represented Northern Ontario in the recent Scotties Tournament of Hearts.

Helping small business thrive

Lilly joined the firm on April 30th, 1990. He was in the office for the end-of-tax season celebration on his first day. Embracing his role at SRWC LLP, Lilly quickly became a part of the team, leveraging his experience and expertise to assist, guide, and grow local businesses. Lilly says, “Our focus is on privately-owned businesses, ranging from small mom-and-pop entities to multi-million-dollar corporations. We help clients with compliance issues and other aspects of business, including financing. I enjoy working with small businesses because they are the engine of the Canadian economy.

Living in Sudbury, Lilly has been able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Working in Toronto he wasted hours trapped in Toronto traffic, while in Sudbury he lives only 5 minutes away from the office. Lilly places a lot of value on quality of life and personal fulfillment. Many of his clients have become his friends. Lilly says, “I’ve had longstanding relationships with a lot of my clients. I’ve gotten to know their families. Obviously, our primary focus is business-related, but you can’t help getting to clients that have become friends.” He often joins them for a game on the golf course.

Giving back to the community

Chuck Lilly has embraced and pursued purpose-driven work and nurtured relationships with his commitment to community service. Over the years, Lilly has worked with the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra. He’s also a member of Rotary Club of Sudbury and was a past member of Cinefest for many years. Cinefest is one of the top film festivals in Canada.

Lilly says, “I’m most proud of my service with the Samaritan Centre, which houses the Elgin Street Mission, the Blue Door food bank, and health services for the homeless and disadvantaged in our community.” Lilly has been involved with the Samaritan Centre since 2005.


At SRWC people matter

SRWC’s success and longevity as an independent accounting firm over the past 70 years is attributed in part to the value it puts on its employees. Chuck Lilly is a Senior Partner who has been with the firm more than 30 years.

Professional experience, passed down through generations, has allowed SRWC LLP to provide excellent service to Sudbury’s business community. SRWC LLP’s success story in Sudbury is a remarkable journey bolstered by its ability to build trust with clients, foster employee loyalty, and be a firm that younger generations want to join. SRWC LLP’s history is a reminder that ethical values are the foundation upon which enduring success is built.

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