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Big Nickel Safety giving businesses the upper hand on sanitation protocols

4 things to know about disinfectant fogging
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In 2018, Gary Daly launched Big Nickel Safety. A success from the start, he incorporated one year later and alongside his Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) compliant team, provides on-site safety coordinators for inspections, audits, toolbox talks, incident/accident investigations, safety committee liaisons, shutdowns, fire watch, and confined space attendance/rescue. Big Nickel Safety provides these services for every industry, including retail, commercial, industrial, mining, pulp and paper, etc. 

Being a local company with a front-row view of how to keep crews safe on all types of work sites has led to Big Nickel Safety’s newest service: disinfectant fogging. Daly wants local businesses to have an upper edge on their sanitation protocols, and the option to have this advantage delivered by a trusted and experienced safety company.

Daly explains the top four things to know about disinfectant fogging:

1.    This is a proven method

Thanks to COVID-19, many new methods of sanitation are making their debut. Fogging, however, has been around for a long time and is used frequently in the food hospitably industry. As disinfecting larger areas with greater frequency is important during the pandemic, systems like fogging are being used by a greater number, and variety, of businesses.

2.    Disinfectant fogging is for air and surface cleaning

Delivering a two-prong approach with one application, the fog helps reduce airborne microbes while also working on surfaces. One major advantage is that the fog can reach hard-to-access surfaces and areas, like spaces with high vaulted ceilings and rooms filled with equipment.

3.    Not all disinfectant fogs are the same

Like any other type of disinfectant, some methods are more impactful than others. The right fog to use is one that has past tests for both safety and effectiveness. 

4.    Disinfecting is part of a larger process

Disinfectants kill germs on surfaces. Cleaning “washes away” germs and impurities from surfaces. Deep sanitation should include both cleaning and disinfecting for the best results.

For Daly, Big Nickel Safety is all about ensuring that hard working people can go home to their families every night. By adding disinfectant fogging to Big Nickel’s list of services, Daly and his team aim to keep building important relationships with clients that want to protect customers and staff.

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