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A fractured economy demands innovative solutions for SMEs

Four ways fractional management can help your small business
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The current state of Canada’s economy is no secret. Times are tough for all businesses and the pandemic added yet another layer of economic insecurity.  Many large businesses rely on investments and assets, whereas small and medium enterprises (SMEs) require more innovative personalised solutions – and that is where Fractional Management can help.

Kitty Hawk Solutions understands your business and provides Fractional Management to SMEs. Fractional Management  supplies an expert on a contract basis for the amount of time needed for part time or full time support. This means your company gets all the service of a full-time manager but without cost to your payroll or benefits plan. It’s the affordable way SMEs get the time to work on their business while staying engaged in providing services and products to buyers.

Rick Van Staveren, founder of Kitty Hawk Solutions, was not only born and raised in Northern Ontario, but he is also the son of local entrepreneurs; his parents owned the Beaver Tourist Centre and the Bonanza. Rick fully understands the unique challenges SMEs in the Northern Ontario business climate face. Here is his professional advice on how Fractional Management can help SMEs thrive in this new normal.

Four things Fractional Management can do for your small business 

Paradigm Shifting

Fractional Management brings in a professional expert that helps your team get ready for, undertake, and analyze big changes such as shifting business models in the wake of COVID-19, generational succession, dealing with rapid growth, and more.

Change is hard. Even when you have the desire to transform your company, SMEs struggle to find the time to take the necessary steps. 

Strategic Planning

A Fractional Manager is a fresh set of eyes and ideas that are unhampered by internal office dynamics. You cannot get to where you want to be without a plan – but are you too close to the situation to create an unbiased plan that best serves your entire team? 

Employee Development

Fractional Managers develop a  data-based plan that encompasses individual and team actions getting the most productivity from your staff. The Manager assesses strengths in your team and areas where improvements can be made. 

Increase Sales

Selling in a down economy is an art. If sales are down through stagnation or economic interruption, a Fractional Sales Manager can create unique solutions and augment in-place sales strategies.

Fractional Management is all about you

Entrepreneurs work hard to provide much-needed services and products in their community, yet many of the supports needed are designed for larger corporations and franchises. Fractional Management puts an expert right on your team – it is all about you, your company, and your unique needs. 

Achieve your goals with the affordable, accessible, local help you need today, thanks to the innovative solutions of Fractional Management.

For more information on how Kitty Hawk Solutions and Fractional Management can help your business visit or contact 289-356-3430.