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Mining tax rates among topics championed by Timmins group

Three policies presented by Timmins Chamber of Commerce adopted by Ontario counterpart.
Timmins Chamber of Commerce

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) will lobby the provincial government to maintain the current mining tax rates, thanks to the efforts of the Timmins Chamber of Commerce (TCC).

The policy was one of three presented by the Timmins Chamber and adopted by its provincial counterpart during the organization’s annual general meeting April 26-29 in Hamilton.

The Timmins Chamber successfully argued that the province should maintain mining taxes at their current rate to preserve the North’s competitive advantage.

Two additional policies that were adopted include making it easier for Ontario businesses to operate in Québec and protecting local tourism industries from potential harm under the new Municipal Accommodation Tax.

“The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is an incredibly influential voice for policy at the provincial level, so their adoption of Timmins’ three resolutions is a significant victory for our members and our economy,” said Jamie Clarke, president of the Timmins Chamber of Commerce, in a May 7 news release.

“Having these resolutions on the OCC’s books means that the organization will actively lobby for these positions with the provincial government over the next three years, allowing our members to be heard at the highest levels. These kinds of partnerships with the chamber network are crucial to protecting our business competitiveness.”

This success is also significant as these resolutions were driven by the concerns and feedback of local members, said Clarke.

Full versions of the policies are available at