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Kasper Transportation resuming routes on Monday

Strict measures have been put in place for travellers, as well as stringent cleansing protocols for all vehicles in the fleet

Kasper Transportation will be hitting the Northwestern Ontario highways again on Monday.

The Thunder Bay-based company, which operates routes as far north as Red Lake and from White River in the east to Winnipeg in the west, has been off the road since April, citing a lack of passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason it suspended service.

Company CEO Kasper Wabinski said the service will also be offered from Owen Sound to Guelph.

“We are happy again to step forward and provide bus services that are essential and practical ways of travel for the people and businesses. We are again looking forward to providing the scheduled bus services to meet the needs of our customers and continuing our business relationships with everyone,” Wabinski said in a release.

They’ve put the time off to good use.

Wabinski said the company has spent the past few weeks taking the necessary steps to prepare a restart plan, including discussions with all three levels of government.

As a result, face masks will be required while riding, buses will be kept at reduced capacity and temperature checks will be conducted, in addition to frequent strenuous cleaning and detailing of each vehicle in their fleet.

“We have done our best to maintain a smooth and efficient customer experience in the recovery phase of COVID-19. We understand that COVID-19 had a serious impact to the health and safety of everyone and impeding the daily activities and needs for our customers,” Wabinski said.

“We ask and require our customers to do their part, and stay at home if you feel sick, to help us protect you, other passengers, and help our province fight COVID-19 while allowing you to conduct essential, required travel.”

Wabinski said prices have changed and some routes have new stops added, while encouraging customers to contact the company for more details or see for themselves on the Kasper Transportation website.

“As we enter the stage three of the reopening by the province, we will continue to monitor its status for the safety of everyone. We have invested and will continue to invest the funds and resources to work laterally with all levels of government and communities to meet the safety requirements recommended for us to follow,” he said.