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Sudbury businesses feted for green ways

Green Economy North hands out sustainability awards

Green Economy North, a program of reThink Green, is recognizing five businesses for their efforts to be more sustainable.

Green Economy North is Northern Ontario’s membership-based sustainable business program. Members receive coaching, education, and support in achieving carbon reductions and sustainable action planning.

This year’s winners are:

  • Environmental Champion: Leah Stack of Wahnapitae First Nation 
  • Environmental Champion: Melissa Mehas and Dan Camovale, owners of Spacecraft Brewery (Sudbury)
  • Most Community Engaged Business: Greater Sudbury Utilities 
  • Environmental Business of the Year: Hia Media (Whitefish)
  • New Sustainable Member of the Year: Cambrian College (Sudbury)

“Sustainably is more than just an afterthought,” said David St. Georges, Green Economy North’s program manager, in a news release.

“It’s weaving environmentally conscious efforts into all parts of a business's operations, from monitoring the power consumption of daily equipment to long-term planning for future carbon emission reductions, something that certainly deserves celebration.”

Each of these winners has engaged in sustainability efforts that reduce their carbon emissions and reduce their environmental impact, including energy audits of regular power use, action planning that identifies the largest carbon emitting practices, and internal education for staff on environmentally sound business practices.