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Geologists, engineers and environmental scientists: your feedback is wanted

Researchers aiming to shape future programming tailored to mining industry
Laurentian University in Sudbury

Canadian and Australian researchers have teamed up on a survey seeking feedback from geologists, engineers and environmental scientists on challenges they currently face while working in the mining sector.

Researchers from Laurentian University in Sudbury and James Cook University in Australia, who are collaborating on the initiative, want to use the input to create programming tailored to fill gaps in the mining industry, particularly in the areas of geology, engineering and the environmental sciences.

The overall goal, according to an Aug. 2 news release, is to “ensure the sustainability and quality of mining industry professionals.”

The initiative stems from a widening gap in the industry, created as experienced professionals retire and less experienced professionals are being promoted to take their place.

The issue, notes the release, is that the less experienced workers don’t have the experience, learned skills and behaviours to perform well in those positions.

“The study's goal is to develop a self-assessment tool to indicate the knowledge and training that they should acquire and partnerships with educational providers to offer hybrid programming that meets the needs of the industry.”

The survey is expected to take between eight and 10 minutes to complete.

Follow these links to fill out the survey:

English survey:
French survey: