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Flocor welcomes Bardon Supplies to the North

HVAC and plumbing suppliers join forces

It wasn't exactly a traditional ribbon cutting, but it was a fitting one as Flocor welcomed HVAC and plumbing supplier Bardon Supplies to Sudbury. 

Flocor has been supplying pipe, valves and fittings in Sudbury since the 1990s and has recently joined forces with southern Ontario HVAC suppliers Bardon Supplies.

Representatives from both companies celebrated the grand opening by cutting a piece of PVC tubing with an electric pipe cutter, opting out of the usual ribbon-and-scissor routine.

This is the first Bardon Suppliers location to set up shop in Northern Ontario. 

Together, the companies supply pipes, valves, fittings and HVAC supplies to contractors under the Deschênes Group

Bardon/Flocor is located at 928 Cambrian Heights Dr., in Sudbury.