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Chilean delegates pay a visit to Sudbury's mining sector

City executives, mining supply companies network, show mining innovation
Delegates from Chilean mining companies met with city officials and mining service companies the week of Nov. 19 to see what innovations are being developed and discuss new business opportunities.

Sudbury got a chance to show off the latest mining innovations being incubated to new and longtime business partners from Chile.

A group of 18 delegates from several mining companies sponsored by Pro Chile, an export promotion association, were in the city the week of Nov. 19 to visit Sudbury-based mining supply companies, take a tour of the NORCAT test mine in Onaping, and check out the Centre for Mining Excellence facilities at Laurentian University.

Scott Rennie, project manager of Northern Ontario Exports for the City of Greater Sudbury, said tours like this are not unusual, but they are becoming more frequent.

“There are a lot of well-established ties with Chile in Sudbury, and a lot of our mining supply companies already do work there and want to do a lot more work."

Calling the visit “productive,” he said mining is becoming much more international, with corporations working together rather than on their own to further projects. Sudbury has a long history with mining innovation those companies want to tap into.

“It's the sort of activity you want to see between mining clusters,” Rennie said.

In a press release, Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger, who was with the delegates, said both the city and Chile have a critical role in the global mining sector. The city is keen to keep building relationships with the country and other South American nations.

"Our local mining cluster offers high-value research, innovation, education, service and supply to the industry around the world and it’s important for our local industry to be able to demonstrate their products and services first hand to potential clients.”

He added over the last four years, the city has worked hard with community stakeholders to build the Sudbury Mining Cluster brand internationally in the mining sector and is pleased with the growing level of interest from international delegations.
"I look forward to helping to continue to attract international investment into our city and help our local businesses grow," Bigger said.