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Taxation for economic growth focus of conference

Northern Policy Institute hosting annual State of the North
Northern Policy Institute's annual State of the North Conference is happening in North Bay with an eye on how to use taxing to encourage economic growth.

How taxes can be used to spur growth will be the big topic of discussion at Northern Policy Institute's annual conference on the state of Northern Ontario.

The annual State of the North conference is happening in North Bay, Sept. 26-27, at the Best Western Conference Centre, focusing on the state of the region from an economic, social and environmental perspective.

This year's theme is Bold approaches: Taxing for Growth. This two-day conference will explore how other regions use tax policies to drive growth, and how these policies might apply to Northern Ontario to grow our communities and reduce inequalities. Attendees will hear bold ideas from economic experts, sit in on panel discussions, and share their own ideas with other influential leaders from across the province.

Events include two keynote speakers. Dr. Jack M. Mintz, and Mikko Annala
Mintz is President’s Fellow of the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary as of July 1, 2015 after serving as the Palmer Chair and founding Director since 2008. He serves as an associate editor of International Tax and Public Finance and the Canadian Tax Journal, and is a research fellow of CESifo, Munich, Germany, and the Centre for Business Taxation Institute, Oxford University.

Annala is the Head of Governance Innovation at Finnish think tank Demos Helsinki. Mikko had a major role in creating a framework which enables Finnish government to systematically utilize experimentation in its policy making processes.

There will also be panel discussions on how taxation can support growth and taxation by Indigenous communities. Panelists include Kevin Milligan, Fred O’Riordan, Manny Jules, Dwayne Nashkawa, Kate McCue and Toby Sanger.

Registration and prices for admission are available online.

The Northern Policy Institute is an independent think tank solely geared towards identifying policy opportunities to support the growth of sustainable Northern Ontario communities.