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North Bay starting geotechnical work for waterfront refurbishment plan

The preliminary development work will help inform recommendations for proceeding with the area's redevelopment.
Kings landing sign turl 2015
King's Landing in summer. (Photo by Jeff Turl)

The City of North Bay is embarking on a geotechnical study at its wharf and marina this August to start the process of rehabilitating the area.

Golder Associates and their barge operator will complete a geotechnical investigation in and around the King’s Landing Wharf and Marina between Aug. 8 and Aug. 18.

“The investigation will provide sub-surface data needed to assist the city to determine the foundation type and associated cost for both the rehabilitated wharf and the naturalized breakwater options,” the City of North Bay stated in a news release.

"The information will assist the Downtown Waterfront Advisory Subcommittee in their efforts to make recommendations to council with respect to the future rehabilitation of King’s Landing Wharf or redevelopment of a multi-use pier and wave break."

During in-water borehole drilling, the contractor will implement several environmental protection procedures to minimize the impacts of discharge of drill water and cuttings to the lake. All activities will be controlled to minimize the entry of petroleum products, debris, rubble and other deleterious substances into the water.

The barge operator and driller will organize their operations to minimize the disruption to the existing use of the North Bay Marina, waterfront, King’s Landing Wharf and Marathon Beach.

The City of North Bay approved its Downtown Waterfront Master Plan earlier this year. It will guide planning around the downtown-waterfront district for the next 20 years.