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North Bay 'bear suit' inventor killed in Highway 17 fatal

World famous local inventor Troy Hurtubise has died.

World famous North Bay inventor Troy Hurtubise has died.

The OPP have confirmed that the 54-year-old died in a June 17 collision along Highway 17 between North Bay and Sturgeon Falls that ended in an explosion, leaving the highway closed in both directions for hours.

The passionate inventor and naturalist was best known for making an impenetrable suit called the Ursus Mark VI that allowed him to feel safe around bears and be run over by vehicles as depicted in a world-renowned 1996 documentary called "Project Grizzly."

Hurtubise has been known for his unique inventions including the Angel Light, which he claimed could see through walls, along with building bulletproof padding which could be magnetically attached to the sides of military vehicles.  

However, the fanfare for his bear suit had definitely fallen off in the past two years.  

In April of 2016, Hurtubise announced he was going to build another bear suit and had set up a crowdfunding campaign in hopes of raising $500,000 to build a new suit which he called the Ursus Mark VIII.

Hurtubise wanted to do another documentary and relive the experiences that had put him and North Bay on the international map. However, the fundraising effort fell well short of his goal, and the suit is now on sale at a local second-hand store for $1,500.

In August of 2016, in his last interview with BayToday, Hurtubise unveiled an “R-Light," which he claimed could cure male pattern baldness and could treat vegetable seeds so they can grow in harsh conditions like the rainforest with next to no light. See that interview below.