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Metricaid lands first U.S. client

North Bay company to bring physician-scheduling software to Brigham Health

North Bay’s Metricaid has entered the U.S. market by securing its first American client, Brigham Health, based in Boston, Mass.

Metricaid uses a proprietary algorithm to optimize physician schedules based on patient flow and physician performance data. The technology helps shorten patient wait times, improve patient satisfaction, and enhance physician work-life balance.

“The Brigham Health network includes two emergency departments and one urgent care centre,” the company said in a May 14 news release.

“MetricAid will be working at all three sites to improve patient wait times, as well as physician work-life balance through performance and preference-based scheduling as well as patient flow analysis and consulting.”

The company has been on a steady of trajectory of growth since it was established by partners Les Blackwell and Dr. Scott Daley in 2012.

Among Metricaid’s clients are the North Bay Regional Health Centre; Toronto-based Mount Sinai, North York General, and Mackenzie Health; Brampton Civic Hospital; and some affiliated urgent care centres.

Last September, Metricaid made its first foray into Great Britain after securing a contract with the National Health Service, Great Britain’s publicly funded national health-care system.