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Survey shows people across North America want access to in-home health care and blood testing

Sudbury's Verv Technologies developing innovative technology for simple, accurate results
Sudbury-based med-tech startup Verv Technologies, cofounded and led by president Jeff Sutton, is developing a simple device to conduct basic blood tests at home.

SUDBURY – Aug. 3, 2021: A recent consumer survey conducted this spring indicates people across the United States and Canada want the convenience, safety and speed of in-home blood testing.

Verv Technologies is a Sudbury-based medical technology startup company, specializing in the delivery of in home consumer blood testing. A simple finger prick of blood is collected into a disposable test cartridge, inserted into the Verv analyzer, and via an App your smartphone relays the results to you in minutes. 

Established in 2012, Verv’s mission to change the way consumers access and conduct blood testing has resulted in patent-pending technology that will enable consumers with the ability to test their blood in their home, a solution that is inexpensive, accessible, and simple enough for anyone to use.

Verv’s goal is to empower consumers to take control of their health, anyone, anywhere, anytime.

“At Verv Technologies, we’re on the leading edge of what consumers want and expect in this modern era of health care,” says Verv’s founder and President Jeff Sutton. “Our technology is going to allow anyone to monitor and control their health from their home. Within 15 minutes people will have accurate results in their hands, in the safety and convenience of their own home.”

The company polled more than a thousand people across North America asking their opinion on monitoring and  controlling testing aspects of their health and wellness. Overwhelmingly, a large majority of those asked said they want more in-home health care.

The survey identified the following: 

● 76% of people said COVID-19 has made them more aware of their health;

● 69% of people said COVID-19 has made them more interested in managing their health from home  using new services and technologies;

● 66% of people said they want to test their own blood from home; and

● 81% of people are willing to pay $300.00 or more for the convenience of more home-based health care.

“Companies like Verv are leading the way in biotechnology and innovation,” says Don Duval, CEO NORCAT and co-managing partner of the Sudbury Catalyst Fund. “This is technology that defines consumer empowered health care, and that’s where the demand is now, especially post-COIVD-19. It’s an exciting time and we’re equally excited to be part of Verv’s upward trajectory.” 

To learn more about Verv Technologies simply visit: and keep up to date with all the  latest news by following Verv on LinkedIn.