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Ontario Chamber calls for evidence-based metrics and transparency on lifting capacity limits

Clear rationale critical for public confidence during COVID-19

TORONTO – Oct. 12, 2021: Today, Rocco Rossi, president and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, released the following statement in response to the Ontario government’s Friday announcement to lift capacity limits for certain businesses.

“Lifting capacity limits for some businesses and not others, without presenting data, public health indicators, or a clear rationale, has left many in the business community completely frustrated. As we have said from the beginning, transparency and clear communication from the Government of Ontario are critical for confidence in public health measures during this time.

“Businesses have already suffered greatly over the last 19 months. We continue to hear from business owners who do not understand the government’s rationale of removing capacity limits in select settings. Continued supports are needed, particularly for those continuing to operate with capacity limits. We also ask that the government disclose public health metrics driving policy decisions related to reopening so Ontarians can at least understand the government’s reasoning.

“Friday’s announcement was good news for many businesses. The last thing anyone of us want is another lockdown: in this context, we can appreciate the government’s cautious approach to reopening. However, frustration is mounting, and our members are looking for the government to address this discrepancy with a sense of urgency.”

About the Ontario Chamber of Commerce

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