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Great Basin College, NORCAT form training partnership

Newly formed facility will train workers for Nevada mining sector
Pictured from left are Trina Hayden, NORCAT'S director of advisory; Jason Bubba, NORCAT's chief operating officer; and Amber Donnelli, incoming interim president at Great Basin College.

ELKO, NV — June 6, 2024: Great Basin College (GBC), “the Gold Standard in the Silver State” for academic, career, and technical education, and NORCAT, a global leader in skilled labour training and development, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership in establishing a state-of-the-art GBC-NORCAT MST (Mine Skills Training) facility. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to transform the Nevada mining industry by delivering comprehensive training programs and advisory services geared towards fostering safety-focused, highly skilled workers.

The GBC-NORCAT MST facility will offer a diverse range of corporate training services tailored to meet the evolving needs of the Northern Nevada mining sector. Through a blend of hands-on instruction, cutting-edge virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and industry-leading education, participants will gain essential skills and knowledge vital for success in the mining industry.

"The partnership between GBC and NORCAT represents a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing the mining industry," said Amber Donnelli, associate vice-president for faculty success and incoming interim GBC president. "Together, we are dedicated to empowering the next generation of mining workers with the skills and expertise needed to thrive in this dynamic and growing industry."

In addition to these training programs, the partnership will provide advisory and consulting services to support organizations in optimizing their operations, enhancing safety protocols, and maximizing workforce efficiency. By leveraging the combined expertise of GBC and NORCAT, companies will have access to unparalleled resources and guidance aimed at driving innovation and excellence in the Nevada mining sector.

"Our innovative GBC-NORCAT MST partnership extends beyond a brick-and-mortar facility; it serves as a gateway to a world of cutting-edge techniques and unparalleled expertise," said Jason Bubba, chief operating officer at NORCAT. "This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to revolutionizing the mining industry. Together, we're not just shaping skilled workers; we're shaping the future.”

About NORCAT: NORCAT is a global leader in skilled labour training and development focused on developing and delivering programs, services, and resources that enhance productivity and safety in the global skilled labour industries. Proudly serving as the one-stop shop for all that is the future of mining technology and innovation.

About Great Basin College: Great Basin College, the "Gold Standard in the Silver State," offers associate and baccalaureate level education in academic, career and technical fields. Welcoming over 4,000 students annually from all corners of the country, both online and at our various campuses and centres, GBC's presence extends across two time zones and spans more than 86,000 square miles throughout Nevada. A leader in rural higher education, GBC takes pride in developing students who are well-prepared to meet the demands of industry and who contribute to the success and prosperity of the local economy.