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Transport Canada grounds Wabusk Air

Federal department pulls Moosonee air carrier’s operator certificate over “public safety” issues
Wabusk Air 10
(Wabusk Air Facebook conceptual)

Wabusk Air is prohibited from flying commercially after Transport Canada cancelled the Moosonee carrier’s air operator certificate.

In a June 10 news release, the federal department said this action was taken on June 8 due to Wabusk’s “demonstrated inability to safely operate in accordance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations.”

The department said the company was on notice before this action with stepped-up monitoring to ensure the air carrier was operating safely.

“Transport Canada takes its aviation safety oversight role seriously and expects every air operator to operate in accordance with the applicable aviation safety regulations. When air operators fail to do this, Transport Canada takes appropriate action in the interest of public safety.”

Officials from Transport Canada and Wabusk Air were not immediately available for comment.

Founded in the mid-1990s, the Moosonee-based carrier provides personal and commercial charters, plus cargo delivery service. up and down the James Bay coast and into Canada’s Far North.

The company’s fleet is a combination of six to nine-seat Piper and Hawker Beechcraft aircraft.

On its website, Wabusk Air prides itself as a Canadian aviation leader by being one of the first operators of its kind in Canada to have an aviation safety officer on staff.