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Queen's Park provides $6 million for Far North winter road network

Windigo First Nations Council gets $2 million for pre-engineered portal bridges
(Larabie Logistics photo)

With winter road construction already underway to connect remote communities in the Far North, Queen’s Park announced funding of $6 million for the 3,200 kilometres of seasonal roads.

Thirty two communities and the Town of Moosonee build and run the road network, bridges and various crossings to transport essential good and services, food, medical and construction supplies.It also allows more than 24,000 people to visit family, friends and participate in sporting and cultural events.

In addition, Windigo First Nations Council in Sioux Lookout snagged $2 million to replace ice bridges with pre-engineered portable bridges and culverts.

“The winter road network is part of our government’s vision to ensure prosperity, accessibility and connectivity is possible in every region,” said Greg Rickford, Minister of Northern Development and Indigenous Affairs, in a news release. “With this investment, we are helping Far North communities achieve their full economic potential and improve quality of life for northerners.”