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Federal government seeking foreign workers with transport expertise

Express Entry program now open to candidates with experience as truck drivers, pilots, aircraft assembly

Skilled foreign workers with experience in the transportation industry are now being invited to apply for permanent residency under the federal government’s Express Entry immigration program.

This includes applicants with expertise as commercial truck drivers, pilots, and aircraft assembly workers, which the government said will “help the sector attract the skilled talent it needs across the country.”

The announcement is the latest step in the category-based selection process that the government announced in May.

It identifies categories of priority for skilled newcomers based on Canadian labour needs, including French speakers; health care; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professions; trades, such as carpenters, plumbers and contractors; transport; and agriculture and agri-food.

Under the system, top-ranking candidates that meet the criteria in each category will be invited to apply for immigration during that round.

“As Canada grows its economy, we’re committed to improving transport and infrastructure to ensure the safe and efficient movement of goods and passengers across the country,” said Marc Miller, the federal minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, in a news release.

“Category-based selection helps us invite newcomers with experience in transport occupations to fill significant labour gaps and ensure the future success of the Canadian transport sector. I look forward to welcoming more skilled workers to our country, as their knowledge and expertise are invaluable, to meet our labour market needs.”

In July, the government issued invitations to people with STEM experience, which includes scientists, software developers and programmers, mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries, and electrical and electronics engineers.