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CN announces Agawa Canyon train will run this fall

Sault officials cut ribbon this week on new passenger train station
Train station 2
(Kenneth Armstrong/SooToday photo)

For reasons that aren't entirely clear, when local officials officially opened the shiny new Agawa Canyon Tour Train Station on Aug. 11, CN hadn't actually announced the popular train would really run this fall.

As SooToday's Kenneth Armstrong reported, tickets were offered for sale yesterday, for so-far-unconfirmed train tours. 

Better late than never, the rail giant finally got around to advising local officials of the big news today.

"We've heard from CN that the train will be operating this year," said Travis Anderson, the City’s director of tourism and community development.

"It looks like they'll be running from Sept. 18 through Oct. 12."

Those dates are on the Agawa Canyon website, but Anderson phoned us back an hour later, indicating that CN wanted him to just say September and October with no specific dates.

"We've been corresponding with CN for a number of months now," Anderson said. The official word was delivered to the city today by email.

"As of today, we were given the authorization to communicate it to media and to hoteliers.

"It's obviously really good news for us and the tourism and hospitality industry.

"It was a big gap in our portfolio last year and it presents a really good shot in the arm in terms of economic impact to the community."

"We're really excited to hear that it's back up and running this year," Anderson said.

- SooToday