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Coworking space opens for Elliot Lake entrepreneurs

ELNOS launching pilot program to help entrepreneurs boost their businesses

Entrepreneurs looking to boost their business now have access to a new coworking space in town.

Elliot Lake & North Shore Corporation for Business Development (ELNOS) is opening its boardroom to local entrepreneurs who want to increase their business or who need assistance to improve sales.

William Elliott, ELNOS's general manager, said the trial project will run until the end of October, to determine interest.

The program is in step with ELNOS’s mandate to stimulate growth through new business development and investment.

“This is a combination. We have a cowork space where you have your chair and your laptop and you can see the other people, and the coffeemaker is there and you have those things,” Elliott said.

“We also have private meeting space, where participants can book private rooms to meet with clients they deal with."

The boardroom will be open to entrepreneurs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Becky Ewald, ELNOS's administrative assistant, will oversee the project.

“With remote work being so common now, is there a need in the region?” Ewald said of the service. “It’s mainly focused toward people who work from home, remote workers, or maybe entrepreneurs who don’t have an office space.”

With the ELNOS office down the hall, business people can get advice related to their individual business questions.

“We have it completely free, again, because we really want to understand what the needs in the community are.”

Business people can sign up to take part in the project by visiting the third floor of the ELNOS building where the local Family Health Team has its offices.

— ElliotLakeToday