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Sudbury mine tech company wins safety innovation award

SafeBox's lockout-tagout device recognized by International Mineral Innovation Institute
SafeBox 1

A safety device developed by a Sudbury mining supplier has won an international innovation award for its energy isolation technology.

SafeBox is the recipient of an award from the International Minerals Innovation Institute for Best Safety Innovation Product. The award was presented, virtually, on behalf of the institute and the Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum. SafeBox was nominated by EECOL Electric.

SafeBox is a safety-rated lockout system that mechanically isolates various energy sources from a single location, according to a news release from the company.

The lockout and tagout process of motors is an often-repeated and time-consuming process in a cross-section of industries.

The SafeBox system performs and verifies the mechanical and physical isolation with a single lockout station rather than individuals locking out each individual point. A locking bar mechanism can be applied like a physical padlock.

The device eliminates arc flash and shock hazard to workers, as well as being an energy-saving technology.

SafeBox is a startup company launched six years ago by Ionic Mechatronics of Sudbury, a mechatronics company dealing in electrical, mechanical and robotic systems with clients in mining and across many sectors.

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In a news release, Gabriel Janakaraj, SafeBox's business development manager, said he was excited to receive the award.

"As a new initiative, this is an incredible milestone and one that will motivate us to continue innovation in the mining industry and beyond. This is a great example of how something that seems simple on paper can not only increase production performance but spark a revolution in how we approach occupational safety."

Ionic Mechatronics president André Dumais was honoured by the recognition.

"We want to provide organizations with a safer and more efficient way to complete energy isolation procedures. Safety and innovation are the core of SafeBox, and this award highlights that we are on the right track."