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Great Lakes Graphite books PO with new customer

The sale to a U.S. lubricants manufacturer represents the company’s first foray into a new market.
Great Lakes Graphite is continuing to secure purchase orders for its product, which is processed at a mill in Matheson. Great Lakes Graphite photo

Great Lakes Graphite has booked a purchase order for a U.S.-based lubricants manufacturer, representing entry into a new market for the graphite producer.

The order is for one ton of synthetic graphite, from a privately held company that is a leading manufacturer and marketer of lubricants and greases to customers both in the United States and globally.

“We can now add lubricants to the markets for which we have qualified, or are qualifying our products, including drilling fluids, industrial foams, biomedical, conventional battery, lithium-ion battery and energy storage applications,” said Mike Coscia, senior vice-president of sales, in a release.

“Over the coming months we will continue to qualify our products for new markets and will also begin driving deeper into the markets and applications for which our products have been successfully qualified.”

Great Lakes Graphite produces micronized graphite from a mill in Matheson near Timmins.

The company additionally have shipped two recently announced international orders — of 400 kilograms of micronized flake graphite and 20 tonnes of synthetic graphite, respectively — to customers in the Middle East and Western Europe.

“With the addition of every account we expand our knowledge base and begin to establish ourselves as a trusted supplier to our customers. As a new supplier, we work hard every day to build our credibility and to grow our reputation for reliability,” CEO Paul Gorman said in the release.

“Over and over prospects and customers state that quality, consistency and reliability of these products is essential and that a solid supply chain is absolutely critical to enable these companies to manage their businesses.”

A U.S. industrial company that purchased hundreds of tons of synthetic graphite from the company in 2016 is also continuing to order from the company, with their first purchase order of 2017 for 20 tons of synthetic graphite.

The company sources its graphite from other suppliers before processing.