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Goldeye’s gold prospects promising

Goldeye Explorations Ltd.

Goldeye Explorations Ltd. recently received a report from noted geologist Roly Ridler who reports the geology of the company’s Tyrrell Township property located on Highway 560, about 60 kilometres west of Elk Lake is strikingly similar to other rich gold deposits such as Kirkland Lake.


“We had a channel sample of 70 feet with .17 ounces of gold, which is just spectacular,” says Goldeye CEO Blaine Webster. “He tells us it has the potential of a Kirkland Lake. The rock types are the same. There is the same structural control and we’ve got gold.”


Webster says the area around Tyrrell has a reputation for small structures of high metal. However, with the report, it is hoped that people will start to look at the area differently. The company has been doing some fundraising to carry out a considerable amount of geophysical work, including several trenches to fill out a “bigger picture” of the property, Webster says.


“Usually, you expand a zone and the grade drops. Here, we expanded the zone and the grade came up,” he says. “We’re starting to get hundred-dollar rock here and, you start getting that, you’ve got yourself a mine.”


He says further work is planned this winter to solidify the case for Tyrrell Township.


“This is a brand new discovery,” he says. “It’s got a lot of potential. It’s a fresh new camp. The rocks are good, the mineralization is here and now we’ve been able to relate the gross rock structures to other camps in the area.”