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Sudbury hosts mining safety conference in October
Ground Support

The ninth International Ground Support Symposium is returning to Canada with the 2019 event taking place in Sudbury, Oct. 23-25. 

It’s all about finding ways to make the mining environment safer.

The event, which began in Sweden back in 1983, has been held in various cities around the world every four or five years. This will be the second time Sudbury has hosted the event; the first time being in 1992. 

The international symposium is hosted by the Australian Centre for Geomechanics and will attract hundreds of delegates from scores of mining and engineering companies around the world. 

Ground support refers to the body of knowledge and the specialized equipment for providing stable and reliable support to the roof and walls in the mining environment. Ground support is the main process to mitigating rock falls, one of the major safety risks in mines. 

Academic perspectives and technical papers on ground support will be presented at the symposium, including presentations on ground support research and procedures carried out in Sudbury area mines. 

The event is to be held in downtown Sudbury at the Radisson Hotel.