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Call for submissions for disruptive mining technology

The #DisruptMining competition will take place in March, 2018
North Bay company Cementation was a co-winner at the inaugural #DisruptMining competition in 2017, and won the People's Choice Award. (Photo supplied)

The #DisruptMining competition is once again seeking innovative ideas that could revolutionize the mining industry.

Introduced in 2017 by Goldcorp and Integra Gold, #DisruptMining seeks out disruptive ideas that will benefit the industry and comes with a $1-million winner’s prize to help accelerate that new technology.

Last year’s competition, which was entered by 153 companies, culminated in a pitch event, at which five finalists presented their idea to a panel of judges.

Cementation, a North Bay mine builder, was named a co-winner alongside Kore Geosystems of Toronto.

Cementation proposed the concept of injection hoisting technology, which uses a combination of existing and proven crushing, pumping and slurry technologies to eliminate the need for mine shaft production hoisting or trucking, by transporting ore to the surface using a pump-driven pipeline loop.

The North Bay company also won the People’s Choice award, adding another $50,000 to its total prize winnings.

The window for submitting ideas will run between Jan. 2 and Jan. 16, 2017.

The final event will take place on Sunday, Mark 4, 2018 in Toronto.

Proceeds from the #DisruptMining event will support the future of the mining industry through innovation-focused scholarships.