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Rehabilitation work begins at Ignace dam

Agimak Lake Dam work includes replacement of two retaining walls and installation of an automated water gauge

IGNACE — The public is being asked to stay away from the Agimak Lake Dam while rehabilitation work is being done.

The Agimak Lake Dam rehabilitation project commenced July 8 and is scheduled for completion in late August.

Work will include replacing loose and deteriorated concrete, replacement of two aged retaining walls and the installation of an automated water gauge.

The securing of handrails, modification to security fencing and the addition of closure plates to prevent fill loss are also among the work to be done.

Municipal land next to the dam will be used as a staging area for materials and heavy equipment. Temporary fencing will be set up to ensure safety of the site while construction is underway.

“We are very happy that the work to rehabilitate the dam at Agimak Lake has now begun,” Ignace Mayor Kim Baigrie said.

“This is a very important project for the entire community, to ensure that the water levels are properly controlled by the dam and that residents along the lakeshore are able to both enjoy their waterfront properties but also be cognizant of any potential flooding issues,” she added.

“We continue to appreciate the due diligence being conducted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the continuing representation by (Kenora-Rainy River MPP Greg) Rickford.”

A notice posted at the Township of Ignace’s website says the work being done by the engineering firm AECOM this summer “will ensure the dam can safely operate for another half century.”

Last November, the Ontario government announced $22 million in funding for repair and rehabilitation work at the Ignace-area dam and five other dams in the province.

A Ministry of Natural Resources spokesperson said Tuesday the amount allocated for the Agimak Lake Dam work is $1.2 million.

The Township of Ignace declared a state of emergency after a storm in May 2022, when high water levels raised a risk of the Agimak Creek flooding and washing away road surfaces.

— NWOnewswatch