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Cochrane nails down more details on how to sell $10 lots

Town officials meet the marketers, builders to discuss lot development model

Cochrane is taking further steps in its efforts to sell residential lots as low as $10 by 2024.

During the town’s Nov. 14 council meeting, Mayor Peter Politis said town staff and council members are meeting with developers and marketers on Friday.

The northeastern Ontario municipality announced the initiative after holding a special council meeting last month to discuss the topic and ultimately adopted the concept of providing discounted municipal lot sales and a property tax rebate program to energize sales. The goal of the program is to bring more people to the area.

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“Developers are coming in here to help us get from the ideological stage of the whole rebate program and the housing inventory program here in the municipality and getting to execute it,” Politis said.

“At this point here, we think it's really important to build relationships, so we've invited all of council to join us on Friday and we've also invited the key staff members and key departments to join us as well. We want to really start building relationships between staff and the developers who are now going to take this stuff and implement it at the ground level.”

Politis said he’s both encouraged and inspired by council.

“And I'm very grateful to our council for how we are able to continue to drive a very progressive agenda together through some very difficult issues,” he said.

"This is an opportunity for council to get their feet wet on the ground and understand the issues clearly and have an insight that they bring from these cross-section communities that they represent, which is important.”

Politis said that they’re starting the discussion on a model that will be available to both developers and the public that will include details about where exactly the lots are located and when they will be available.

Politis said it’s key to bring capable people together.

“And then incentivizing everybody to update and create results that the community will benefit from. This is a great opportunity, I think. Friday we’ll really kick this off and get the grasp of what's going on and get the details on how we unroll this program,” he said. “So all that neat stuff is really starting to come together around that.”

- TimminsToday