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Marathon Palladium Project - Joint Review Panel

Joint Review Panel Invites Public Comments on Environmental Impact Statement Addendum Received from Generation PGM Inc.

The Joint Review Panel (the Panel) conducting the environmental assessment for the proposed Marathon Palladium Project is announcing the receipt of the amended environmental impact statement (EIS Addendum) from Generation PGM Inc. (GenPGM).

GenPGM submitted the EIS Addendum in two parts. On January 7, 2021, the Panel received Volume 1 of the EIS Addendum containing Sections 1-4. The remaining sections of the EIS Addendum were submitted to the Panel as Volume 2 on April 16, 2021. The EIS Addendum provides an analysis of the potential environmental effects of the proposed project and measures to mitigate those effects.

Now that the complete EIS Addendum has been submitted, the Panel invites the public to comment on the EIS Addendum. The Panel is providing a 70-day public comment period to give members of the public, Indigenous groups, governments and other participants an opportunity to submit their views in writing to the Panel on the sufficiency and technical merit of the EIS Addendum, as measured against the EIS Guidelines.

The Panel will consider all comments received in making its determination on whether further information is required from the Proponent.

The Panel must receive all comments by June 27, 2021. All comments received on the GenPGM's EIS Addendum and supporting documents will be considered public and will be posted to the registry.

Written comments in either official language should be sent to:

Cindy Parker
Co-Panel Manager, Marathon Palladium Project
Impact Assessment Agency of Canada
160 Elgin Street, 22nd Floor, Ottawa ON K1A 0H3

For more information go to: