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To contribute to the success of our customers by providing products and services of the highest quality. To be successful in our mission, we shall participate in creating an environment where we all have an important part to play. We shall strive to create and maintain a close bond with our customers based on integrity, respect and professionalism, and to promote excellence in customer service.


City Electric Supply (“C.E.S.”) a Canadian company, is part of a privately owned electrical wholesale network that was established on July 16th, 1951.

With over 1,000 branch locations around the world operating in 8 countries, C.E.S. is well positioned to service its customers, locally, nationally and internationally. C.E.S. is dedicated to providing quality customer service and technical support, to ensure our customers obtain the best service in the industry.


From humble beginnings in Canada with a single branch based in Mississauga Ontario in 1990, C.E.S. has grown at a sustained and impressive rate.

In 1990 - we had 1 branch
In 1994 - we had 16 branches
In 1996 - we had 27 branches
In 2001 - we had 37 branches
To date, we have over 70 branches across Canada.

Our growth is attributed to our commitment to provide customers with excellent quality service that still shapes our company’s development and determines our future growth and success – a future that promises even greater benefits to our customers and security for our employees.


C.E.S. is a member of Save On Energy Program.
C.E.S. is a member of B.C. Power Smart Alliance Member.
C.E.S. is a member of Electro-Federation Canada.

Our People