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Our Mission

Standing united in our dream to help stroke patients reclaim their life.

We help give hope to those wanting to regain their independence with our deep neuroscience research driven products and solutions.

IRegained Inc. is a MedTech company developing novel solutions for the physical rehabilitation needs of people with disabilities. With a mission to help 100 million stroke survivors who have hand function impairment, IRegained has developed the MyHand™ System.

Recent research indicates that targeted hand function training enhances neuroplastic changes in the brain. We are applying deep research in neuroplasticity combined with personalized and targeted hand rehabilitation technology to aid in motor control recovery.

How we are Changing Lives

A stroke or traumatic brain injury is a life-changing event. Reversing its effects can be one too. We can’t undo the stroke but we can help with the process of recovery.

The products and services offered by IRegained, address the physical rehabilitation needs (primarily hand function) of people who have sustained a stroke, traumatic brain injury or accident and have been left with an impaired ability to use their hand(s).

Neuro-rehabilitation system for the hand.

The MyHand™ System is a post-stroke rehabilitation life changer. It is an IoMT based, smart medical device system that is not only clinically effective but also affordable and accessible for use by anyone with hand function disability anywhere in the world. The system comprises a precision engineered mechatronic system combined with intelligent algorithms and engaging games that stimulate a phenomenon called "neuroplasticity". Neuroplasticity is the human brain's inherent ability to reprogram its neural pathways and re-learn, thus recovering lost motor control of the hand. The MyHand™ System is a portable smart device intended for people who have imparied function of their hand due to stroke or traumatic brain injury. It can also be used by war veterans and people with industrial hand injuries.

Our People