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Surprise of the Year: Keynesianism Revived

Surprise of the Year: Keynesianism Revived

Choosing a key surprise for 2008 is no small feat. Rumblings in economic and financial markets earlier in the year culminated in the upheaval of the last few weeks, in many ways radically altering the economic landscape.
Is It a “Grow North Plan” or a “Grow Northern Cities Plan”

Is It a “Grow North Plan” or a “Grow Northern Cities Plan”

“A new growth plan for Northern Ontario will lead to a stronger, more prosperous North” Province of Ontario News Release – May 17, 2007 Northern Ontario is now One-and-a-half years into the Grow North process and while some may be privy to the progre
Policy Rates Tumble

Policy Rates Tumble

Still not convinced there’s a serious global economic slowdown in the works? Look no further than actions by key central banks in the last few days. By any measure, interest rate reductions were huge, a needed boost to the economy.

“I think it’s the twitch in the left ear, isn’t it?” - Dr. Roger Strasser (10/04)

Q What’s the most valuable thing you’ve ever lost? “I lost my passport when I was in South Africa. I hadn’t appreciated the significance of that until I was due to fly out a day or two later and didn’t have any identification.

The power of media concentration - Michael Atkins (12/03)

Some years ago a colleague of mine invited me to a cocktail party at one of the big downtown hotels in Toronto.

Crown Bartolucci king of the North - Dave Robinson (12/03)

There is a power shortage in Northern Ontario. There is a power shortage in Northern Ontario. The North doesn’t control its resources, it doesn’t control its education system, and it doesn’t control its future.

Let the Internet be your oyster

By MAXIM JEAN-LOUIS While most people are optimistic that emerging technologies will provide all of us in the health sector, education, business and goverrnment with benefits, we are not so naive to think that all technology does not have its flaws.

The province, and a return to tribal warfare

I have achieved the age of 55 without incident. I am qualified for Freedom 55, but it has not been offered. Worse still, the premier wants me to have the right to work anywhere past the retirement age of 65 in the province of Ontario.

MNDM politically irrelevant

One reason northeastern Ontario is going nowhere is that it does not have a voice at Queen’s Park. That’s not my conclusion- it is the view of a blue-ribbon panel appointed by the Conservative Government.

Climate for change is needed today (6/03)

How does it go? “Spring is sprung...” Regardless, one of the sacred rituals of spring is the first visit to the cottage.