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Greed, fear and sheeple

Greed, fear and sheeple

There have been volumes written about psychology of the marketplace and numerous articles, commentaries, newsletters, and books have addressed the twin emotions of greed and fear and how they contribute to a herd instinct or mentality amongst both la

Taking advantage of R&D tax credits

By Luc C. Duchesne There are two groups of entrepreneurs that confuse me: those who tell me they are proud that they never used government money whatsoever, and those complain that there isn’t enough government money to support new businesses.
Exploration in emerging environments

Exploration in emerging environments

It's a well known fact that geologists like to go to the bar after work and drink beer. At the bar all we talk about is what we do all day long, i.e., work.

Sub-Saharan Setback

The woes of the West and key emerging markets are, for the most part, eclipsing the stories of other key regions. If the slowdown is truly global, how is Sub-Saharan Africa faring? Global boom-times were good to the sub-continent.

Fostering First Nation autonomy in the forest

The Northern Ontario Sustainable Communities Partnership’s (NOSCP) workshop, “Community Forests: A Tenure Reform Option for Community Sustainability in Northern Ontario” was judged a resounding success.

Paying for all the stimulus

March 11, 2009 “In the long run we are all dead”. In that short quip, John Maynard Keynes famously criticised the hands-off attitude of policy-makers in the 1930s, when short-term economic stimulus was badly needed.

Canadian Trade Tumbles

For world GDP, the fourth quarter of 2008 was ugly. Canada was no exception, as our economy fell into recession, shrinking by an annualized 3.4% in the quarter.

While Rome Burns

By John Mauldin In this issue: While Rome Burns The Risk in Europe The Euro Back to Parity? Really? Back to the Basics Living in Paradise The 20-Year Horizon If I Had a Hammer New York, Las Vegas, and La Jolla When I sit down each week to write, I es

“Supporting our Own - Grand Marais style”

Have you ever had the opportunity to visit Grand Marais, Minnesota? It is a short and pretty drive south from Thunder Bay, along beautiful Lake Superior.
A Late Christmas Gift?

A Late Christmas Gift?

Northern Ontario knew long before the rest of Canada and perhaps the world that the economy was going “south.” Just ask any community that has been affected by the downturn in the forest industry.