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Guest Columnists

Where will the mining jobs come from? -- by Frank Pullia

Where will the mining jobs come from? -- by Frank Pullia

There is a renewed sense of optimism about the economic future of our region which to a large degree is being driven by a flurry of activity in the mining and exploration sector, especially talk of large-scale mineral deposits in the Ring of Fire abo
Mapping out a united vision for Northerners -- by Al McDonald

Mapping out a united vision for Northerners -- by Al McDonald

North Bay Mayor Al McDonald made this speech to Greater Sudbury City Council, Sept. 28, about mapping out a united vision for Northerners: Bon soir. Good evening.

The Far North Act -- by David Pearson

Hold it Mr. Hudak, hold it, let’s talk about this: “A Tim Hudak government will repeal Bill 191, the Far North Act, which effectively turns the North into a museum by banning development and killing potential jobs.

Pew Environment Group Wrong – Ontario Jobs Matter, Even in the Short Term -- by Jamie Lim and Scott Jackson

Last week, the Pew Environment Group, a Seattle based special interest group, sent Premier McGuinty their campaign report advocating a stop to economic development in Ontario’s north – a part of the province that has experienced a significant economi

25 years of honouring business excellence -- by Patricia Mills

The Northern Ontario Business Awards (NOBA) program was established 25 years ago by Northern Ontario Business to honour excellence in business and to inspire others to build a stronger, more prosperous and diversified economy.

The New Way - Sudbury Tomorrow: A Reflection on Community Influence

“Citizens, not government, should set the community agenda. “Demographics, social and structural forces within a society and community rather than macroeconomic government policies determine who will have jobs and who will not.
Challenges in infrastructure -- by Harold Wilson

Challenges in infrastructure -- by Harold Wilson

Business needs to efficiently move people, goods and information. Improving infrastructure supports business. On Nov.

Environmental Commissioner’s Office echoes dubious special interest ‘campaign science’ -- by OFIA's Jamie Lim, Scott Jackson

On Sept. 22, the Environmental Commissioner’s Office (ECO), proclaiming to be the province’s “independent” environmental watchdog, released their annual report.

Forestry industry to government: fix rail service now -- by Avrim Lazar

Rural communities and resource industries that were emerging from the recent recession have been hoping for light at the end of the tunnel—at least the rail tunnel.

Look before you leap into business -- by Ross MacDonald

Starting your own business can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Making the decision to proceed takes courage as it involves risk, and is not something to jump into without due consideration.