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Guest Columnists

Negotiating agreements abroad challenging - Graham Clayton (6/01)

One of the more interesting and challenging areas of pursuing business internationally is that of negotiating agreements.

Overcoming financing hurdles - Normand Meunier (5/02)

Financing the entire purchase price of an industrial or commercial property can be a difficult and frustrating task for business owners because conventional lenders will rarely exceed set formulas.

Shifting the focus of tourism - Bob Michels (5/01)

"Tourists seek ecological attractions." That was the headline of a recent Associated Press story that described an emerging trend in Florida tourism that should deliver an important message to Northern Ontario. Apparently, 18.

E-mail: managing the inbox - Chuck Jacobs (5/01)

The amount of knowledge and information in the world is doubling every two years and if you are like many knowledge workers, it feels like all the new information is coming across your desk via e-mail.

Exporting picture looks blurred - Graham Clayton (3/02)

Last year I participated on the northwestern Ontario regional committee of the Ontario Global Traders Awards program.

Fighting the good fight - Bob Michels (3/02)

It is not the Ides of March that should concern those of us who live in the north, it is March 23. That is the day that the PC Party of Ontario will choose a new leader and, by extension, the next premier of Ontario.

North to embark on new venture - Bob Michels (2/02)

In all my years of providing consulting services to industry and working with communities across the north, I have noticed one common behaviour - we make decisions about the future on the assumption that tomorrow will be much like today.

Quality of life counts in the North - Bob Michels (11/01)

What do you see when you look in the mirror? If you are like me, you rarely see what is really there. I made that discovery while shaving this morning.

Succession strategy vital - Normand Meunier (1/02)

A previous column discussed the succession crisis facing Canada's family businesses and the need for tax reform to encourage leveraged employee buyouts through employee share ownership plans, or ESOPs.

Wimps in trade dispute - Bob Michels (6/02)

OK No more Mr. Nice Guy! Do not get mad, get even! I am mad as hell and I am not going to put up with it any more! Yep. That sums up just how I am feeling today. Those of you who know me are probably surprised by this.