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Guest Columnists

Dos and don’ts for exporters - Graham Clayton (9/02)

Many firms view export markets as an excellent opportunity to increase sales, expand markets, increase capacity utilization and extend product life.

The Way It Is - Bob Michels (9/01)

Who is to blame for province's health-care woes? What has replaced "the weather" as our favourite topic of discussion? "health care.

Avoid pitfalls when export pricing - Graham Clayton (9/01)

It is the movement of goods from one country to another, and all that is required to facilitate their satisfactory conveyance, that differentiates export pricing from domestic pricing.

The Way It Is - Bob Michels (8/01)

Construction. Some use the word like a swear word, others use it like a sacred mantra. Me? It cuts both ways, and that is true for most of us who live in the North.

General Bullmoose rides again! - Bob Michels (6/01)

Hewers of wood and drawers of waters? I thought maybe Canada had put that demeaning role behind us.

Negotiating agreements abroad challenging - Graham Clayton (6/01)

One of the more interesting and challenging areas of pursuing business internationally is that of negotiating agreements.

Overcoming financing hurdles - Normand Meunier (5/02)

Financing the entire purchase price of an industrial or commercial property can be a difficult and frustrating task for business owners because conventional lenders will rarely exceed set formulas.

Shifting the focus of tourism - Bob Michels (5/01)

"Tourists seek ecological attractions." That was the headline of a recent Associated Press story that described an emerging trend in Florida tourism that should deliver an important message to Northern Ontario. Apparently, 18.

E-mail: managing the inbox - Chuck Jacobs (5/01)

The amount of knowledge and information in the world is doubling every two years and if you are like many knowledge workers, it feels like all the new information is coming across your desk via e-mail.

Exporting picture looks blurred - Graham Clayton (3/02)

Last year I participated on the northwestern Ontario regional committee of the Ontario Global Traders Awards program.