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Guest Columnists

North needs more sticky places - Robinson (8/03)

Do you want to live in a sticky place? A town that can keep doctors, painters, writers, nurses and teachers? Where your taxes stay with the schools, hospitals and colleges close to your home? A town that businesses don’t want to leave? A community th

Coach well, play smart (9/03)

By Mark Baker The advice of every over-achiever in the sports world and in the real world is ‘make it personal.’ When it comes to workplace safety, legislation and recent court rulings have given those two words a whole new meaning.

Earning a front row seat for the North - Dave Robinson (01/04)

Read the following list of technology clusters supported by the National Research council of Canada. Then explain why Northern Ontario is in trouble. * Ocean Technologies in St.

North would fare well with new tax - Dave Robinson 04/04

In an ideal world the president of your chamber of commerce would cause heart attacks in Toronto with a speech like this: “Business people want this province run like a business. We have to stop giving our assets away.

It’s perhaps time to look in the mirror - Michael Atkins 04/04

Generally, I try not to rant more than once a quarter. It is bad for business and bad for my health.

Still have lead time to address looming crisis - Frank Pullia- 04/04

In the February issue I wrote about the economic impact of an aging workforce in northwestern Ontario and the resulting implications for our economy.

Strong B2B growth forecasted - John Milne (8/02)

Last year’s meltdown of the dot-com industry tricked a lot of people into believing business on the Internet is a dead issue.

Keeping on top of the paperwork - Guest Column (8/02)

You may have noticed that the ever-increasing demand for documentation on construction projects has resulted in your briefcase weighing more than your toolbox.

Purchasing power immense in region - Dawn Madahbee (9/02)

By DAWN MADAHBEE Recently, the Waubetek Business Development Corporation undertook a preliminary economic leakage study of six First Nations in northeastern Ontario and found that 89 per cent of all dollars brought into the First Nations are spent in

Dos and don’ts for exporters - Graham Clayton (9/02)

Many firms view export markets as an excellent opportunity to increase sales, expand markets, increase capacity utilization and extend product life.