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Haileybury mining supplier expands into new digs

TIME Ltd., a Haileyburg mining supplier, has moved into a new $3-million, 21,000-square-foot manufacturing plant and warehouse.
TIME Ltd., a Haileyburg mining supplier, has moved into a new $3-million, 21,000-square-foot manufacturing plant and warehouse.

A Haileybury-based mining supplier has doubled the size of its shop with a brand new 21,000-square-foot expansion.

While the official grand opening at TIME Ltd. may be months away, last November employees quietly moved into the $3-million addition that’s been grafted onto its Browning Street plant, bringing the total square footage to 39,500.

The mineral exploration sector is in a terrible slump, but the decision to expand their physical footprint was years in the planning and preparation. 

“It was planned to do no matter what was going in the market,” said Paul Aquino, the company’s marketing coordinator, “and it so happened that it was during a downturn and we had the finances set aside to do it.” 

The move was designed to consolidate all their manufacturing and warehouse holdings under one roof, instead of employees shuttling back and forth to New Liskeard. 

The company has catered to the area’s agriculture, construction and forestry sectors, but its backbone has always been in the mining and drilling sectors. 

TIME is a distributor for many name-brand mining supplies, but is an original manufacturer of exploration drill bits, drill plugs and other parts. 

The company also houses a machine shop and certified welding and fabrication facilities. 

“The expansion allowed us to expand both those areas,” said Aquino. “We’ve added state-of- the-art (Nakamara) CNC milling machines for making our own products,” as well as installing a large industrial bending machine geared to mining and forestry clients. 

There’s also a small on-site foundry. 

Located at the end of a quiet residential street, the company’s capabilities were stunning to Aquino, an area resident, when he first took the job less than a year ago. 

Many locals knew the company from the retail storefront and warehouse in New Liskeard, but knew of the scope of its manufacturing capabilities in Haileybury. 

“They were just building the expansion when I came for my interview. It was a big eye-opener for me.” 

Known since the 1970s as Temiskaming Industrial Mining Equipment, they’ve started marketing and branding the company using their own short-form vernacular. 

The company was founded by the late George Morissette, who originally established Morissette Manufacturing and Sales in Haileybury, before started TIME in 1970 where he was president and general manager until he retired in 1986. 

The plant was acquired in the early 1990s following the closure of the Longyear Canada’s manufacturing division. The company has also smaller sales and warehouses in Timmins, Sudbury and Val d’Or. 

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