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Dynamic Earth expansion underway

By: Northern Ontario Business staff

Sudbury council is contributing $250,000 to an expansion of Dynamic Earth. (FILE PHOTO)
Sudbury council is contributing $250,000 to an expansion of Dynamic Earth. (FILE PHOTO)

Greater Sudbury city council is supporting new visitor exhibits at Dynamic Earth with a $250,000 grant for a planned $3-million expansion that will include a new gallery, theatre and outdoor science park.

Construction began this summer with completion scheduled for the spring of 2015. Over $6 million in direct and indirect spending is expected during construction and 63 full-time equivalent person years of employment will be created or sustained.

As a property of Science North, Dynamic Earth is a scientific educational centre that presents the role of nickel mining in the community and the global economy.

Over the past 10 years, Dynamic Earth as generated $10 million in revenues which support the sustainability of Science North. Approximately 85 per cent of visitors to these science attractions originate from outside Sudbury.

“Tourism is a significant contributor to the local economy,” said Greater Sudbury Development Corp. chair Darren Stinson. “Our city is Northern Ontario’s premier tourist destination thanks to the world-class attractions offered by Science North and Dynamic Earth. We are pleased we can support the continued development of this vital economic and educational resource.”

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