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Greenstone has mining on the mind

By: Northern Ontario Business staff

Greenstone is marketing itself to attract investment and capitalize on future opportunities in the Ring of Fire.

"We are working steadily to prepare to be an integral part of the mining industry in Northern Ontario,” said Mayor Renald Beaulieu.

The Municipality of Greenstone is hosting its second annual Grow Greenstone Expo event in Thunder Bay, March 17 and 18.

The event is geared to attract business owners, mining executives, regional leaders and those interested in entering the natural resources industry.

The event features a business and workforce expo, and includes a speakers and presenters list of Northern Development and Mines Minister Michael Gravelle, Matawa Ring of Fire negotiator Bob Rae, and Ewan Downie, CEO of Premier Gold Mines.

The expo will be a networking place for industry suppliers, procurement specialists, potential employers and employees, newcomers to the workforce, and to get information on training opportunities.

“The Grow Greenstone Expo is the best place to learn about the mining industry, how to fit into it and how everyone in the region, businesses and individuals included can maximize their position in the development,” said Beaulieu.

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