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Published on: 2/6/2009 10:39:58 AM Font Size:  Normal Text Large Text

STRONG statement for AbitibiBowater

By: Northern Ontario Business Staff

(STRONG) or Saving the Region of Ontario North Group wants the Ontario government to be a stewards of the land and protect the communities and people's best interests by refusing the sale of AbitibiBowater hydro dams in Iroquois Falls.
AbitibiBowater cannot blame their $6.3 billion debt on current market downturns alone, a statement from STRONG said. A good portion belongs to bad business decisions, insufficient reinvestment and failing to add value to the resources that has left the company in poor financial standings.
If the McGuinty government truly believes the natural resources belong to the people, the time to stand up for the sustainability,local citizens, workers and their families is now, STRONG states.

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